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The Balance of Methods approach to athletic training focuses on discovering the best combination of mentorship, coaching, functional strength training, and performance tracking to drive our athletes towards their chosen goals while remaining healthy.

As a movement specialist and performance coach who has experienced everything from the peak of athletic success to a season-ending injury, League understands that every athlete has different needs that require flexible, individualized attention.

League created the balance of methods approach so that he can meet every athlete where they’re at on their personal athlete journey and understand their training needs before creating their program.

The Balance of Methods is individualized
* Mentorship 
* Coaching
* Functional Strength Training
* Performance Tracking

Coach Brandon League, NASM-CPT, FRCms

League is a 10-year MLB veteran baseball pitcher with invaluable experience pitching for the Toronto Blue Jays, the Seattle Mariners, and the Los Angeles Dodgers. After a record season with the Seattle Mariners, where he earned 37 saves, League became a 2011 member of the AL MLB All-Star Team. 

Throughout League’s career, he had the honor of pitching and developing as an athlete in the company of the best in the business, from nationally recognized coaches to Hall of Fame pitchers. 

League has also worked with the best physical therapists, movement specialists, sports psychologists, neuro-linguistic programming master practitioners, and mental coaches in the country. 

Like most elite athletes, League faced adversity in his professional career. He understands what it’s like to be injured, have surgery, and teach yourself how to move all over again. In the process of rehab and recovery, League gained an even deeper understanding of body mechanics, functional strength, and mental strength.


Our individualized pitching instruction sessions are designed to meet each individual athlete where they’re at, build a healthy foundation, and meet the athlete's objectives. 


Our functional training programs focus on increasing strength, stability, motor control, and overall health. We support athletes with advanced performance and sport-specific training.


We treat recovery as a priority. Recovery sessions include a range of restorative practices, from cold therapy to sauna sessions, soft tissue treatments and meditation.